Totally Sheeped out!

I started a Black Sheep facebook page tonight. Wonderful. Only it sent me on a sheep picture searching frenzy. I like having a bank of pictures to use on facebook (I have several other pages), so I don't have to go and look for them everytime I do any posting. I knew I had been looking at sheep pictures too long when I started turning words such as 'heard' into 'herd'. Mmmm it was time to … [Read More...]

Brick Wall

How will my website be built?

To explain how your website will be built, I'm going to use the metaphor of building a house, and compare the website elements side by side. So lets split the house build into three stages: Foundations The build itself Let's make it a home Foundations The foundations are what stabilises the house and keep it from collapsing. It forms a good stable base to build upwards. Just like house … [Read More...]

Snail on stone

more speed… more speed!

Currently it feels like my old trusty computer is travelling at a snails pace! Brought as an in-between solution between the computer that died abruptly and a fancy dancy high-end hand built super-computer, it has now been my workhorse for nearly four years! I'm not sure if it's showing it's age, or that I am making more and more demands on it. More than likely the latter. My current dilemma is … [Read More...]

Tea and biscuits

finally – a website about websites

Time to celebrate with a well deserved cup of coffee! This website has been a long time coming, and now I finally have something to show people. Up until now it usually goes along the line of "yes I can build you a website... no, I'm in the middle of building the website about websites". It's actually been quite a slow journey getting here. I have been building websites since 1999, and there … [Read More...]